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My Story

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Hi! I’m Cecile and, and if you’re a woman on-the-grow, I’m here to share my story and to let it motivate, inspire and teach you how to successfully build better business.

What took me here? And why am I uniquely qualified to help you do this?

Well I spent most of my working life as a senior banker and a C-suite leader having lead businesses in both the private and public sector. Then at fifty-something I got turfed. Yep! My contract in the public sector was terminated without cause.

No! Don’t feel sorry for me. It’s all part of the why behind my story.  That push landed me into a space where I came to understand just how vulnerable we all are to the bobs and weaves (no pun intended) that come our way in life. And it also resonated with me how important it is for women to have a community of enabling support around them, long before they need it. Call it “womanassurance” …more of that for another time.

So no, don’t feel sorry for me. I’m not unique in having suffered from the push strategy. But I may be somewhat in the minority by having had the mindset to let it galvanize me into action to build myself and to create value for others. It was not by any means a soft landing, but I landed on my knees, a place with which I was already very familiar.

So I got up. Yes, I got up …empowered to make a difference. And like most people who suffer a crisis, I leveraged the experience to guide me into my purpose. And it lead me into this space where, as a business empowerment strategist and tactician, the best by the way, I’m serving women on-the-grow who can benefit from my knowledge, experience and connections.

You have a business problem? I’ll work with you to fix it.

So now I’m an entrepreneur and an international speaker who, through my various programs of endeavour, is arming senior women leaders and entrepreneurs to build better business and lead financially empowered lives of purpose and positive impact.

As an entrepreneur, I started in 2014 and therein I staked the claim as Caribbean’s crowdfunding evangelist and pioneer. I did that because I know that access to capital is a big issue for entrepreneurs and also to build sustainable social and physical infrastructure in developing countries. I’m also a certified financial education instructor, which positions me to work with corporations and individuals to build their understanding of personal and business finances. I also know that many of the stresses and challenges in personal and businesses comes because of lack of understanding of finances.

So yes, my friends! My story is that I have many years experience growing big business with expertise in finance, operations, change management, strategy and risk to name a few. And I have seen women entrepreneurs struggling and striving to make their businesses work. I’ve seen women who are stuck in dead end jobs, not quite knowing how to go forward. I’ve been at the helm and know just what it feels like when you wish there was someone else who you could bounce that idea on before you take it into the board room, or to give you a high five or a “back off, girl”. And I want to share that knowledge with you to help you grow your life of purpose and impact and to prioritize becoming financially empowered and secure.  I want you to learn from my story and to let it be powerful in shaping yours.

When you work with me you get the BEST to help you deliver your BEST.

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Business Empowerment Strategist & Tactician

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